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Run for Free

Before you register and pay out of your own pocket, consider signing up to raise money for one or all of our charity partners. Our ‘Run for a Reason’ fundraising program enables runners to quickly and easily set up personal fundraising pages for our official marathon charities. You can send your page to family, friends, and co-workers for contributions towards your effort. If you raise $300 or more ($300 per person for relays) you will be refunded your entry registration fee for your Cellcom Green Bay Marathon event!

Run For A Reason

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon’s “Run for a Reason” program is easy to participate in and it makes fundraising simple. While registering, create a fundraising page complete with personal statement and photo, allowing you to email your fundraising page to friends, family, training partners, and co-workers. Raise $300 or more to get a refund of your entry.  (Relay teams can participate too by raising $300 per member) and support the chosen charity partners.

How The Program Works

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon’s “Run for a Reason” program is an easy-to-use web-based program that makes fundraising simple. Start by clicking the “Sign Up” button from the Registration page and enter your information. Click “Become a Fundraiser”.  Choose one of our Official Charity Partners and add additional details for your fundraising.  Then, fundraisers are able to email their page to friends, family, training partners, and co-workers. People who create a fundraising page and raise $300 or more will receive a refund of their registration for raising money for a great cause

How to earn a free entry through fundraising

1.  Create a fundraising team, set a goal and raise $300 or more
2. Share your fundraising link via social media, email, etc.
3. After you meet the minimum goal of $300 you will receive a refund of your entry


1. Deadline to sign up for the program is midnight on May 15, 2024 at 11:59pm

2. Deadline to raise the minimum $300 ($300 per person for relay events) is midnight May 15, 2024. No fundraising activity will be permitted after this time.

3. All Fundraising must be done online through the registration site. No cash or checks can be accepted by the marathon office.

4. You may register for any event as long as $300 has been raised. ($300 per person for the relay events.)

If you are already registered and want to add a fundraising page, please:

  1. Sign In to RunSignup
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Click My Registered Races
  4. Click Manage next to the registration to Manage
  5. Click Fundraiser in the Top Menu to begin

Participant to Participant Transfer/Sell registration to another
• Runners may sell their registration to another if they are no longer able to participate for a $25 fee.
• All changes must be completed by 11:59PM on May 16, 2024.
• You can change your race distance by clicking HERE, and selecting “Sell Registration” on the next page.

  1. Once you find a buyer, you will need their email address.
  2. Your buyer will receive an email from Race Entry.

All transfers must be completed by midnight on May 16. No Exceptions. 


Change Race Category
• Runners may change their own race distance for a $25 fee.
• All category changes must be completed by midnight on May 12, 2024.

When changing to a different event, the registrant will automatically pay the difference between the events, if the event they are changing to is more expensive. No refunds if the registrant is changing to a less expensive event.

How to Change Your Race Distance in RunSignUp

  • Begin by logging into your RunSignUp account, and go to your “Profile” page. On the “Profile” page, see Races under “Upcoming Events.” This shows a list of all Race(s) that are coming up.
  • You are able to manage the registration for the Race by clicking “Manage Registration“.
  • From the top bar, choose “Transfer Event.”
  • Choose “Start Transfer.” Follow the instructions and complete your registration.


Participants are discouraged from running events that they are NOT registered for. 

Those who choose to do so on race day will be able to cross the finish line, collect a finisher medal*, and enjoy the post-race celebration, but they will not appear in the posted results for the event.

*Note: Participants will only receive t-shirts and medals that correspond to the event represented on their packet or bib number regardless of which event they actually run.  Example: A registered marathon participant who chooses to run the half marathon on race day will only be able to receive a marathon medal and a marathon t-shirt.

Other Important Information
There are no refunds for not completing the race. If you transfer from a race distance to a less expensive race, we are unable to refund the difference.

You can manage your registration, have your confirmation email re-sent, manage your relay team, and more if you click here.

Marathon Relay Team Captains can enter team members when they register the team. Click on the Registration button from the main page.  Then click on “Register Now”.  Click on “Team” then click on Register Teammate”. Follow registration form prompts to complete the relay registration.

Team members can add themselves to the team with the team name. Click on the Registration button from the main page.  Then click on “Register Now”.  Click on “Team” then click on Register Teammate.  Follow registration form prompts to complete the relay registration.