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Marathon Relay

Sunday, May 19, 2024
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The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Team Relay Challenge offers runners another way to run the marathon – with friends, family or co-workers. Teams are encouraged to seek sponsorship from local corporations, social clubs, restaurants, etc. and use that organization’s name as their team name.

Prizes: Each member of the top three relay teams (male, female, mixed) will be awarded during the award ceremony.

Registration: Team Relay registrations may be filled out by one member of the team. Be sure to have all the information for the other runners in your group so you can register together. You will need names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, shirt sizes, and e-mail addresses.

The race confirmation will be emailed to the primary contact. Only one person needs to pick up your relay race packet.

Team Relay Challenge Rules

  • Relay teams can have from 2-5 runners per team. Team members are not required to work for the same organization or for the organization they represent.
  • Four “Relay Hand-Off Sites” will be designated on the course. Although teams are encouraged to use these hand-off sites, they are not required to do so and may break up the 26.2-mile course as they please. 
  • Each relay spot will be clearly marked with a tall, red “RELAY EXCHANGE” teardrop-shaped flag.  Participants should exchange in the general vicinity of the flag.
  • Each team will be supplied one race belt with timing bib to serve as the “baton.”   This race belt with timing bib is easy to remove and transfer between runners.  It also serves to show our lead vehicles that you are a  team runner, rather than a solo runner.
  • Do not cover or obstruct your race number in any way with fuel belts, cell phones hands or arms especially when crossing the start and/or finish lines.
  • No parking is allowed on the actual race course.  Please park on side streets or adjacent parking lots. Be aware of runner and course direction to ensure that your team vehicle egress is not hindered.
  • Please do not attempt to follow your team member as they navigate the course.  This is strictly prohibited.
  • The race organizers reserve the right to reject team names that might be deemed offensive to other participants and spectators.
  • Failure to follow these rules may result in disqualification.





There will be no shuttles provided to the relay teams.  Teams must provide their own vehicles to move between the exchange locations.  The relay exchange locations offer ample parking.

 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon optional relay transfer locations

  • Exchange #1: Corner of S. Point Road & W Point Road: 4.81 Miles (Leg #1: 4.81 Miles)
  • Exchange #2: Marquette Park:  Hickory Hill & Nicolet Ave: 9.30 Miles (Leg #2: 4.49 Miles)
  • Exchange #3: Langlade Elem. School:  Broadview & Libal:  15.83 Miles (Leg #3:  6.53 Miles)
  • Exchange #4: Green Bay Water Utility:  Cass & Adams:  21.29 Miles (Leg #4: 5.46 Miles)
  • Meet-up Point to run through Lambeau Field:  Ridge & Valley View  25.45 Miles (Leg #5:   4.16 Miles)
    • All teammates run thorough Lambeau and may continue to finish  0.75 Miles

Registration Fees


Date Price
October - February $265
March - May 16 $295
May 17-18 - Packet Pick-Up and Race Day $315