Larry Lueck has been appointed as the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon race director for the 2015 season.


Lueck has served as the marathon’s first-timers director since the program’s inception in 2006 and has helped over 17,000 novices train and complete their first marathon or half marathon. His ability to get new runners excited and provide the motivation and inspiration needed to overcome the fear of running a daunting distance has earned him the nickname of ‘The Pied Piper’.  He has also served on the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon’s operations team for nine years.


With Lueck’s leadership, the marathon staff and operations team will continue to move forward with planning the 16th annual Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, which will take place May 15-17, 2015.


“I am honored and appreciate the trust and confidence the Board has in me to lead this highly respected community event for 2015,” Lueck said. The new race director emphasized that his first priority will be to look forward.  “I’m excited to begin working with the strong, capable staff and operations team that is already in place. Together, I have no doubt we will deliver an outstanding event for both participants and spectators in 2015.”


An avid runner, Lueck has finished the marathon for all 15 years of the event and is the director of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Legends Club.

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Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano of Run the Edge will be the keynote speakers at the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Kick-Off Party presented by Prevea Sports Medicine.


Wednesday, January 7

Green Bay Distillery

835 Potts Avenue


5:00 p.m.          Doors open

Free snacks, training team apparel available for sale, interactive RunCoach tutorials with Prevea Sports Medicine and training guides available


5:15 p.m.          Prevea Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon, Chad Zehms, MD presents
“You might be a runner if…”

Fun facts, anecdotes and injury advice from a fellow runne


6:00 p.m.          Main program begins at featuring keynote speakers Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano


Adam and Tim found their passion for running while in high school. Tim led his high school to back to back state championships before signing to run for the University of Colorado. Four years later Adam led his team to a state championship and earned an individual national title at the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships. Adam then joined Tim at the University of Colorado where they met and helped CU to a second place finish nationally. Tim went on to teach and coach high school cross country and track, while Adam finished his storied collegiate career and continued to add national championships and an Olympic berth to his professional resumé.


As shared in their book, Running the Edge, “Being a runner is truly a gift. Runners have access to a world and a set of life lessons that can transform every aspect of their lives. We want to tap into that runner’s world and harness the transformative power found in the distance run. We want to use running as a teacher, motivator, and compelling force of positive change in our lives.”

This common interest and focus has kept the two connected all these years and will be the emphasis of their keynote presentation.


There is no cost to attend and no registration is required. 


The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon has announced ASPIRO as its new charity partner for 2015-17. ASPIRO will join Golden House and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeastern Wisconsin as the recipient of funds raised by the 16th annual Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, which will take place May 15-17, 2015.


The charities operate on three-year terms, with one new charity added each year and one exiting charity each year. Charity organizations become a strong member of the operational team, comprised primarily of volunteers, to put on this event.


“ASPIRO is truly honored to be chosen as a charity partner for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.  We look forward to supporting the thousands of runners, event staff and sponsors who continue to make this an elite Green Bay event,” said Mike Duschene, ASPIRO President.  “This partnership will help ASPIRO advance our mission to connect individuals with disabilities to services, opportunity and their community.”


ASPIRO’s mission is to create opportunities for people with disabilities to reach goals, connect community and achieve independence.


The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon aims to support a community need when selecting a charity partner and chooses a charity partner that can effectively utilize the marathon’s platform. In 2014, the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon donated $140,000 to its three charity partners. Over the past 14 years, the non-profit event has generated over $916,000 in proceeds for local non-profits.


To pledge to run for ASPIRO or another charity partner, runners can sign-up for the Run for a Reason program, which allows participants to raise funds for the marathon’s partners in exchange for a free entry into the marathon or half marathon. Participants must raise $300 to receive their free entry and all funds go directly to the charities. Registration for this program and the 2015 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is scheduled to open December 12.


For more information visit

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Today the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon accepted the letter of resignation from former race director, Sean Ryan. Sean has served as director of this event for the past 11 marathon seasons and we are disappointed to see him leave.


Over the past decade the marathon and its leadership have worked together to constantly refine the events to enhance both the runners’ and spectators’ experiences. Most recently, a proposal to split the distance events was brought to the title sponsor. The proposal was presented on Dec. 4 and, after much discussion, it was determined that spreading the distance events over two days raised more questions than answers. Decidedly, making a radical decision that would affect every aspect of the event and every team member who is involved in putting on the event, needs time for careful consideration. Finally, the crucial question posed is whether expanding the event logistics in the proposed manner overtaxes the community of members involved in the event’s success to a degree that outweighs any possible advantages. It is important to show respect for all those who deal with closed streets, long volunteer hours and travel time. Given the magnitude of the marathon’s impact, we plan to continue the conversation to deliver an optimal experience while also balancing a multitude of needs.


The marathon has benefited tens of thousands of participants since its inception in 2000, and it has paved the way for many to realize lifelong dreams and accomplishments. It is a driver of tourism on a weekend in May that used to be quiet. It has driven $916,000 in much-needed funds to local charities.


We have a very capable team in place that is moving forward with marathon planning while the event leadership is evaluated over the next couple weeks. Marathon registration will open on Friday, December 12 at 10 a.m. for all events. The marathon structure will remain as in past years, with family events taking place on Saturday, May 16 and the distance events taking place on Sunday, May 17.


We look forward to the official start to our training season at our kick-off party on Wednesday, January 7 at 5 p.m. at the Green Bay Distillery.


We intend to keep the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon an event that is nothing short of extraordinary, safe, sustainable and thriving.


-Brighid Riordan, board president, Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon charity partners and their volunteers play a vital role in the planning and execution of this exciting community event. The marathon has three charity partners each year with staggered three-year terms. This structure allows one new charity to join the event each year. The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is currently accepting applications for consideration in selecting our 2015-2017 charity partner. 


Visit our CHARITY PARTNER PAGE to learn more and to apply!


NOTE: Only online applications are accepted.

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