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Half Marathon

Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon course is considered to be fast and flat, by race industry comparisons. Starting in the stadium district the half marathon course winds through historic neighborhoods before heading to Lambeau Field to go through the players tunnel and complete a lap around the field. The course then finishes near the start line in the Stadium District.

Distance: 13.1 miles
Date: May 16, 2021
Wheelchair Start: TBD (push rim only)
Start Time: 8:00 am
Awards Ceremony located on the Rodac Development and Construction entertainment stage: 11:00 am
Course Time Limit: 4 hours
Start Location: Morris Ave. between Holmgren Way and Oneida St.
Finish Location: Mike McCarthy Way between Holmgren Way and Oneida St.
All Parking: Street and lots east of stadium
Course Certification Number: WI19023DM

USATF Event Sanction: 19-20-039

Runners may pick up their race packets at the Prevea Health & Fitness Expo located in the Atrium on event weekend.


2020 Half Marathon Course Map

Race Scoring / Timing

MyLaps BIBTAG© instructions: – Keep the bib that was assigned to you at packet pickup. Bibs are non-transferable.

  • Do not alter the BIBTAG area on your bib.
  • Wear your bib on the front outside of your clothing at all times during the race.  Do not take it off until after you cross the finish line.
  • Do not cover or obstruct your race number in any way with fuel belts, cell phones hands or arms especially when crossing the start and/or finish lines.
  • You do not need to return or remove the BIBTAG portion of your bib…the bib is yours to keep!

Registration Fees

Pricing is tiered based on bib quantities and will automatically increase when a pricing tier has been filled. If you are looking for the lowest available price, register now.

Event Current Tier PriceNext Tier Price
Half Marathon $115.00$135.00


Course Records

Gender YearNameTime
Female 2013Kelly Johnson1:12:27
Male 2017Josphat Chobei1:04:16

Male Half Marathon Winners

Year NameTime
2019 Panuel Mkungo1:04:48
2018 Daniel Johanning1:09:15
2017 Josphat Chobei1:04:16
2016 Peter Limo1:05:31
2015 Stanley Boen1:09:31
2014 Tyler Sigl1:07:26
2013 Benson Cheruiyot1:05:17
2012 Geofrey Terer1:05:03
2011 Tyler Sigl1:05:33
2010 Matthew Chesang1:05:57
2009 John Njoroge1:05:46
2008 Shadrack Muteri1:04:38
2007 Dan Schwamberger1:07:17
2006 Ryan Meissen1:06:28
2005 Charles Kamindo1:06:55
2004 Matt Thull1:06:10
2003 Tim Willcox1:19:42
2002 Mark Manz1:10:16
2001 Jason Ryf1:09:30
2000 Jason Ryf1:10:05

Female Half Marathon Winners

Year NameTime
2019 Valentyna Poltavska1:19:25
2018 Naomi Fulton1:19:17
2017 Gabi Anzalone1:14:51
2016 Caitlin Comfort1:17:13
2015 Naomi Fulton1:20:55
2014 Elizabeth Turner1:20:30
2013 Kellyn Johnson1:12:27
2012 Dorcus Chesang1:15:05
2011 Jenna Boren1:18:40
2010 Valery Hubbard1:19:30
2009 Jenna Boren1:16:38
2008 Jenna Boren1:19:40
2007 Sue Pierson1:21:41
2006 Wendi Ray1:18:07
2005 Christina Blackmer1:20:38
2004 Dot McMahan1:21:36
2003 Lea Baer1:21:57
2002 Wendi Ray1:19:55
2001 Wendi Ray1:20:17
2000 April Ecke1:24:10