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Virtual Event FAQs

  • Why don’t you postpone or reschedule for a different weekend? We’re so glad you asked. We want you to know that we have thrown all options against the wall, trying to make something stick that would still allow participants to experience the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. Ours is a year-long planning and preparation cycle, and investments are made far in advance of race weekend. Much of the investment in the 2020 event cannot be undone. In our due diligence, we took a hard look at postponement options. In the Midwest, marathons are not held in summer or winter due to the regularity of unsafe heat or cold weather conditions, so fall is the alternative option. You can probably guess why we don’t our marathon in the fall. For Green Bay, fall means football season and Lambeau Field is dedicated to football, whether there is a home game or not. It has one job in the fall, and that is to set the stage for the most amazing football in the world.
    We looked at pulling Lambeau Field out of the event and that creates new issues. The entire stadium district is buzzing with traffic and festivities all season long, again, whether there is a home game or not. Football season here, is otherworldly and sacred. Out of respect for this economic, social and cultural season and place, we would need to relocate our course not only from Lambeau Field, but from the entire stadium district. And that begins to change the very essence of who we are as a race and what we’re made of. We have committed to giving our participants an unrivaled course experience, and Lambeau Field is a big part of that experience.Beyond this, we are starting to see the domino effects of coronavirus disruptions. One change provokes another, so that multiple dominoes begin to fall, leaving almost every variable changed. Here too, know that our event draws a national crowd from almost every state in the US each year, and draws in a global audience as well. You can start to see the how wide the net is cast. Postponement presented more roadblocks than we could overcome, and too, the length of this uncertain climate is a question itself. It is hard to predict what normal will be even after the summer and heading into the fall.
  • What guidance are you following to make this decision?
    We weighed recommendations from the CDC and the State of Wisconsin, as well as input from our medical partner Prevea Health and our public safety partners.
  • What if crowds are allowed to gather again in May? Can you reinstate the in-person event?
    While we are hopeful for improvement in the coronavirus outbreak, we will not reinstate the event should the current emergency orders be lifted sooner.
  • Can I change distances for my virtual option?
    You can run the distance of your choice, but you will receive a t-shirt and medal for the event you were registered for.
  • If defer to 2021 can I change event distances?
    When you defer you will be transferred to the equivalent event for 2021. When registration officially opens for 2021 you can change events per our usual process, including transferring your registration to someone else.
  • How do I select the virtual or deferment option?
    Please visit your confirmation email and select EDIT REGISTRATION. This will bring you to a page where you can transfer your registration to the virtual run or defer your registration to 2021. If you do not select either option, your entry fee will be donated to our charity partners.
  • What is a virtual run?
    A virtual run allows you to cover the miles of your chosen event– marathon, half marathon, relay or 5K – on your own. You pick the place and the time. Please follow guidelines for appropriate social distancing. We will send you your bib, t-shirt and medal via mail.
  • When will I get my bib, t-shirt and medal? Do I need to submit my results?
    Your packet including your bib, t-shirt and medal will be mailed by May 11. You are in no way required to submit your results, but we are working on an option for you to do so if you wish!
  • Can I run my virtual run indoors?
    You can cover the miles anyway you choose, treadmill included. Please comply with recommendations on social distancing and emergency orders that are in place.
  • Can I run my virtual run on the event course?
    While the majority of our courses are on city streets and permissible to run on, there are portions of our routes that are not open to pedestrian traffic.
  • Do I have to do it on May 16 or 17?
    You can do the event on a day of your choosing.
  • I’m injured and want to do the virtual run when I heal. Can I wait?
    There is no set completion date. Get healthy and complete the miles when you’re up to it!
  • What if I defer to 2021 and can’t run then?
    Our typical cancellation policy would apply. We are not offering multi-year deferrals. –
  • Can I get a refund?
    Many costs of this year’s event have already been incurred. We’re happy to offer options for participation this year and next to meet runner needs, but we cannot offer refunds.
  • There are fewer costs to a virtual run. Where is the money going? Can I get a partial refund?
    While virtual runs typically have fewer costs, we were well into the execution of our in-person event for 2020 and had already incurred many of the costs. Money will be used to cover expenses. Each year, race proceeds are given to partner charities. While we cannot predict the outcome this year, or whether there will be any race proceeds, the same process and mission will be used. Our charity partners this year are Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity and Green Bay YMCA Full Circle Program.
  • What about the cost of my travel plans?
    Please check with your airline and/or hotel for options.
  • I don’t want to defer or run a virtual race. What are my options?
    Your entry fee will be used as a charitable contribution to the event if you do not select a virtual race or deferment option. We cannot issue a refund as many expenses for the event have already been incurred.
  • I’m a legend. What does this do for my status?
    Any member of the Legend’s Club will maintain their status for 2020, as long as they are registered for the event.
  • What should relay teams do if emergency orders don’t allow us to run together when we decide to do our relay?
    You can choose to complete the virtual run by assigning varying lengths of the 13.1 or 26.2-mile options or find creative ways to pass a “baton” while keeping required distances from each other and creating a “baton” exchange that includes a washing/sanitizing process. There is no requirement that relay teams do this together. We’re all running together in spirit.
  • I was planning to volunteer. Do you still need help?
    Thank you for your interest and support. We are not soliciting volunteers at this time.
  • What if my t-shirt doesn’t fit? Are there options to exchange it?
    We cannot accept or accommodate t-shirt exchanges at this time.