2015 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Training Guide
powered by Prevea Sports Medicine


Prevea Running Health Tips


Out of Hundreds

  1. Make the Commitment… Publicly. Send your registration in today.
  2. Plan out your days to train. Set specific goals for each day.
  3. Don’t expect perfection. Don’t push yourself too hard.
  4. Under training is better than over training.
  5. Find out what works best for you. (Time of day, etc.)
  6. Training on a treadmill does work. You can do multiple tasks.
  7. Stretching afterwards is critical, hamstrings and quads particularly.
  8. Treadmill–TV/Movies/Music at the same time.
  9. It,s best not to run everyday, take a day off on occasion.
  10. Wear the right shoes, comfort is important.
  11. Read running literature (i.e. Runners World)
  12. Organize thoughts, especially on long runs.
  13. Hydrate yourself right in the beginning. Don’t wait until after you are into the race.
  14. Various Cross/Weight Training: Legs, Abs, etc.
  15. Running with someone on long runs—motivation. Mental Exercises.


The Challenge is More Mental than Physical

  1. Find the time.
  2. Coordinate with the rest of your life…create comfortable balance.
  3. Seek advice from others to strive for life long learning.
  4. Sort through the hundreds of strategies/theories. Focus on only a few.
  5. Boredom is enemy #1. Think creatively on how to deal with it.
  6. Use long term planning.
  7. Learn to accept failure and the frustration associated with it.
  8. Seek continuous improvement.
  9. Note the first 2 and last 2 letters of the word ‘PAtienCE’. Pace and Patience coincide with one another.
  10. Do things you enjoy practicing. “Running is Relaxing, and I like to Practice.” This is Michael Jordan’s mantra.




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