Want to have fun with a group and yet keep your desired pace? Run with a Pace Team leader!


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Pace team leaders will be holding signs indicating their pace on race day in the start corrals and throughout most of the marathon run. They will also have their pace time labeled on their back. The pace team will have a booth at the Prevea Health & Fitness Expo and will be available to answer questions on Friday and Saturday. On race day, you can meet them in the Start Corrals 30 minutes prior to the start of the race. 



There is no cost or need to pre-register for the pace team. Nor is there any obligation to stay with the group you choose. You may surge ahead or drop back at will. Running together gives the group a collective energy and enthusiasm that supports and enhances everybody’s marathon experience.



Below is a list of each pace team leader with their email address. Feel free to connect with them pre-race for any race day questions. 

For more information about the Pace Team or becoming a Pacer for 2016, contact:Ann Scholl

Full Marathon Pacers

Finish Time HH:MM Pace per mile  2015 PACE TEAM LEADERS Start Wave  Race Plan 
3:00 6:51 Daniel Kittaka A  
3:10 7:14 Robbie Haas and Javier Mere A  
3:15 7:26 Mike Steffek A  
3:25 7:49 Eric Baum A  
3:30 8:00 Adam Brouch   B  
3:40 8:23  Rob Hampton and Ryan Norton B  
3:45 8:35 Dave Wians and Ron Van Straten B  
3:50 8:46 Jeff Picken and Daniel Johnston B  
4:00 9:09 Dave Schroeder and Craig Congdon  C Slow run through water stations
4:10 9:32 Doug Osterberg and Katie Houle  C Slow run through water stations
4:20 9:55 Dave Schleis and Marty Thomas  C Quick walk through water stations
4:30 10:18 Ann Senn and Jeri Howry C Quick walk through water stations
4:45 10:52 Howard Jersild and Angie Parker C Walk through water stations 
5:00 11:27 Gordy McDaniel C Walk break at every mile marker 
5:30 12:35  Tim Montour and Michelle Miller C  run / walk


2015 Half Marathon Pacers

Finish Time Pace per Mile START WAVE 2015 PACE TEAM LEADERS  
1:40 7:38 A Jim Benner  
1:50 8:23 B Tim Kowols and Scott Latusek  
2:00 9:09 C Tim Jakubek and Theresa Inocelda   
2:10 9:55 C Andy Featherstone and Aaron Hizon  
2:20 10:41 D Jean Lemke and Ellen Jansen  
2:30 11:27 E Robin Coburn and Paula Meyer  
2:45 12:36 F Christine Moore and Amy Toporski  


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