All medical support for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is provided by our official medical sponsor Prevea Health.



Along the route:


Prevea Health has 20 medical stations along the course, using white tents displaying color coded, EAS course status flags. These tents will also be marked using large, teardrop shaped, red medical ground flags.  The stations are staffed with licensed athletic trainers, EMTs and radio communication personnel to take care of all of your general first aid needs and to communicate emergencies and course status updates. For medical emergencies, the local 911 system is activated.



Finish line medical tent:


This main tent at the finish line is fully staffed with physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants and emergency medical technicians with the capability to handle any general first aid needs or other medical emergencies. Paramedics from the Green Bay Fire Department are onsite with ambulance support to handle emergency transportation as needed.

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