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Race Day

As runners will join us from all over the globe to compete in this world-class event, they will meet the cheers of support and enthusiasm from spectators lining the streets. With each step, the dream becomes a reality as the runners cross the finish line. We invite you to learn how you can help make this dream your reality.

2015 Event Guide

2015 Wave Start Information


1.  There will be no charges for parking in the Lambeau Field lot, other approved parking lots or on streets.
2.  Please obey all “No Parking” signs.  Cars parked on prohibited roads will be towed.
3.  Parking in private lots may result in your vehicle being towed.
4.  RIDE-SHARE  Everyone driving to the start line is urged to share a ride with other participants.
5.  SHUTTLES  Participants staying in Green Bay area hotels should take hotel shuttles, which drop off at the start line.
6.  We are not responsible for any unmanned parking lot.  Park in those lots at your own risk.

If you are arriving from the east on Saturday or Sunday:  You may enter the stadium lot via Oneida Street.
If you are arriving from the east on Sunday after 6:30 am:  Avoid Ashland Ave., and take Holmgren Way instead.  Park in the business lots east of the stadium.

Shuttles are provided on SUNDAY ONLY for the marathon and half marathon participants and their friends and family members.  School buses will pick up runners and family members at all PARTNER HOTELS at 5:50 am and 6:00 am on Sunday of event weekend. The shuttles will drop off participants and spectators in the start/finish area located in the northeast corner of the Lambeau Field parking lot.  For the shuttle schedule click HERE.

Road/Traffic Disruption Information

For the 5K route intersection disruption  schedule click HERE.
For the Half Marathon route intersection disruption schedule click HERE.
For the Marathon route intersection disruption schedule click HERE

Packet Pick Up

All event participants can pick up their packets during expo hours on Friday and Saturday on the Lambeau Field Club Level (1265 Lombardi Ave.) in Green Bay.

2016 packet pick up schedule at the Lambeau Field Club Level: 
5K: May 20th,  3:00 – 7:00 pm  and May 21st, 7:00 – 8:30 am
WPS Kids’ Power Run: May 20th, 3:00 – 7:00 pm and May 21st, 9:30 – 12:00 pm*
(*Saturday packet pick up for this event is located at the finish area in the Lambeau parking lot)

Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon: May 20th, 3:00 – 7:00 pm and May 21st, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

There will be no race day packet pick up for the Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay.

Pace Teams

Want to have fun with a group and yet keep your desired pace? Run with a Pace Team leader!

Check us out on FACEBOOK


Pace team leaders will be holding signs indicating their pace on race day in the start corrals and throughout most of the marathon run. They will also have their pace time labeled on their back. The pace team will have a booth at the Prevea Health & Fitness Expo and will be available to answer questions on Friday and Saturday. On race day, you can meet them in the Start Corrals 30 minutes prior to the start of the race.


There is no cost or need to pre-register for the pace team. Nor is there any obligation to stay with the group you choose. You may surge ahead or drop back at will. Running together gives the group a collective energy and enthusiasm that supports and enhances everybody’s marathon experience.


Below is a list of each pace team leader with their email address. Feel free to connect with them pre-race for any race day questions.

For more information about the Pace Team contactAnn Scholl

2016 Full Marathon Pacers

Finish Time HH:MM Pace per mile2016 PACE TEAM LEADERSSTART WAVERace Plan
3:00 6:51Javier MereA
3:10 7:14Tim KowolsA
3:15 7:26Mike Steffek and Rob HamptonA
3:25 7:49Eric Baum and David Vande WalleA
3:30 8:00Adam Brouch and Jason PenticoffB
3:45 8:23Ryan Norton and Brad KoenigB
3:50 8:46Jeff Picken and Daniel JohnstonB
4:00 9:09Cleo Ferris and Tammy WagnerCSlow run through water stations
4:10 9:32Curt Brey and Ryan BoruckiCSlow run through water stations
4:20 9:55Dave Schleis and Marty ThomasCQuick walk through water stations
4:30 10:18Jeri Howry and Paula WalkerCQuick walk through water stations
4:45 10:52Paula Meyer and Alicia PyleCWalk through water stations
5:00 11:27Gordy McDanielCWalk break at every mile marker
5:30 12:35Michelle Miller and Jen ThomasRun / Walk
6:00 13:44Steve HughesRun / Walk

2016 Half Marathon Pacers

1:45 8:00Jim Benner and Chad OtisA
1:50 8:23Scott Latusek and Aaron HizonB
2:00 9:09Tim Jakubek and Theresa MeredithC
2:10 9:55Ann Senn and Anne CoffmanC
2:20 10:41Jean Lemke and Cassie PiontekD
2:30 11:27Robin Cobum and Ellen JansenE
2:45 12:36Christine Moore and Amy ToporskiF


Normal conditions ( 6am to Noon ) for the race day…

Sunrise SunsetAvg HighAvg LowMean TempRecord HighRecord Low
5:20 am 8:18 pm67 F45 F56 F88 F31 F

Scoring & Timing

Your Cellcom race bib will utilize MyLaps© BIBTAG technology.  This system does not use a conventional timing “chip”, but rather an electronic reader strip mounted to the back side of the participant’s bib.  You will notice a metallic strip, surrounded by a foam pad.  The foam pad acts as a necessary insulator between the runner and the electronic reader.  The BIBTAG system cannot be altered in any way prior to or during the event. Please DO NOT try to remove it!

Please make sure wear your bib on the front of your body and on the outside of your clothing at all times during our events (doing anything different will reduce the readability of your results).

The bib is your “proof of purchase” to our race staff and allows participant access to course support and access into the Lambeau Field player tunnel.

No bib means no access into Lambeau!

Our security staff will be instructed to escort runners without visible bibs (“bandit” runners) from the stadium.

MyLaps BIBTAG© instructions:

  • Keep the bib that was assigned to you at packet pickup. Bibs are non-transferable.
  • Do not alter the BIBTAG area on your bib.
  • Wear your bib on the front outside of your clothing at all times during the race.  Do not take it off until after you cross the finish line.
  • You do not need to return or remove the BIBTAG portion of your bib…the bib is yours to keep!

Gear Check

Let us keep track of your belongings while you race!

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon offers a Gear Check program for the individual marathon and half marathon participants on Sunday of event weekend.  Gear Check (for distance runners only) will be available Sunday morning beginning at 6:00 am in the northeast corner of the Lambeau Field parking lot.  Yellow school busses will be parked on the perimeter of the lot along Lombardi Avenue and Oneida Street. Gear bags and gear check stickers will be supplied with your packets. Runners should hand off their gear bag with their corresponding bib number sticker on it to the volunteers stationed in front of the bus corresponding to their bib number.

Please note: Race organizers are not responsible for items placed in gear bags becoming lost, stolen or damaged.  Do not place easily lost (e.g. wedding rings) or easily damaged (e.g. smartphones or digital cameras) items in the bags.

After the race, participants who dropped off gear bags in the morning will need to return to the same buses where they dropped them off in order to retrieve their belongings.  Gear check pickup will be available throughout the morning until the course closes.  PARTICIPANTS (OR THEIR FAMILY/FRIENDS) MUST PRESENT THEIR MATCHING BIB AT THE GEAR CHECK TABLES IN ORDER TO RETRIEVE THEIR GEAR CHECK BAGS.

After 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, any unclaimed bags will be relocated to the marathon office.  These bags will be available for pickup on Monday at the Marathon Office, 211 North Broadway Suite 104 in downtown Green Bay.  Call the office at (920) 432-6272 to coordinate pickup.

Gear Check will not be available for the Cellcom Marathon Relay, the Cellcom 5K or WPS Kids’ Power Run events.