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The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon charity partners and their volunteers play a vital role in the planning and execution of this exciting community event. It is the intent of the Marathon’s Board of Directors to have three charity partners each year with staggered three-year terms. This structure allows one new charity to join the event each year. The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is currently accepting applications for consideration in selecting our 2014-2016 charity partner.


The charity partners benefit financially from the net proceeds of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, as well as the pledge revenue they work to earn by using the marathon as a platform for their causes. In 2013, the event generated contributions of $102,000 for the marathon’s three charity partners, bringing the total cumulative contributions to $776,000 over the last 14 years. The charities also benefit from the community exposure provided by the event. Last year, the event attracted over 13,000 registrants.


There are three requirements for being a charity partner:

  • A VOLUNTEER BASE of more than  100 local adults and teenagers (age 14 and over), willing to contribute a minimum of four hours per person. Over half of the volunteer hours will occur during marathon weekend. In addition, the charity is expected to provide 4-6 volunteers for six Saturday morning training runs from January through May.
  • A CHARITY REPRESENTATIVE who will facilitate communication between the charity and the marathon’s volunteer coordinator. To help prepare for the event, the representative must be present at seven monthly planning meetings from December through May at the marathon office in Green Bay.
  • A WRITTEN POST-EVENT REPORT from the charity summarizing their contributions in total volunteer hours,  equipment, and materials must be submitted by June 30, 2014 to the marathon office.


General Guidelines

In selecting a charitable recipient, Cellcom will give priority to organizations whose impact spans a footprint that includes greater Green Bay and beyond and encompasses northeast and central Wisconsin, that have a proven track record in positively impacting the community, promote volunteerism, and cooperate rather than compete with similar organizations. The key areas of Cellcom’s contribution guidelines are health and wellness, children and education. A charity that aligns with the marathon’s mission of promoting an active lifestyle and fostering community spirit, preferred.


Selection Questions and Criteria

Your charity partner proposal is limited to two pages and should include an overview of your organization and its mission, along with answers to the following questions. Provide specific, quantifiable support to your answers. Please answer and elaborate on the following questions in your proposal:

  • How does the charity meet the general guidelines?
  • Give evidence of past volunteer-run event management or participation. Illustrate how the charity      meets the volunteer requirements.
  • Who will your charity representative be and where is he/she located?
  • Describe the charity’s service area.
  • Does the charity support one of the key areas of Cellcom’s contribution guidelines?
  • Does the charity  offer additional resources that the marathon can utilize? Examples of this are facilities for volunteer projects, storage space, box trucks, etc.


We encourage past charity partners to wait five years after their term ends before reapplying. (Example: A charity partner whose term ended in 2013 would not be eligible to apply until 2018 for the 2019-21 charity opening.)


If your organization is interested in applying to be a charity partner, please send a proposal to on or before October 4, 2013. Late applicants will be disqualified. Cellcom will select the charity partner by October 31st. Those not selected will be notified by mail or e-mail. If you have questions, you may e-mail Sean Ryan, or call (920) 606-2458.


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